Workflow Inventory™

Frequently asked questions about Workflow Inventory™

The Workflow Inventory™ process is simple:

  1. To observe your daily 🖥 computer workflow habits
  2. To recognize where you lose time and misplace efforts
  3. To work to create new workflow habits
  4. To practise the new workflow steps  until they become your daily workflow habits

It is for anyone who:

  • Spends multiple hours a day at their computer
  • Using multiple applications/tools
  • Copying & pasting
  • Reading / Composing documents & emails
  • Researching
  • Doing a variety of miscellaneous mouse and key intensive tasks

It is possible to save hours of work every week and literally thousands of mouse clicks.  Results vary based on:

  • How un-optimized your workflow currently is
  • How many hours a week you spend at your computer working
  • How flexible your tasks are to customizing the workflow

But in general, everyone can save time and effort by optimizing their workflow.

Check the question below for an example how lost time and effort can add up.

Yes.  Time adds up quickly.  Here is an example, and you can change the numbers to what is more reflective of your workday.

Lost Time 🕘


Needless Mouse 🖱 Clicks


The benefits of creating a Workflow Inventory™ are ...

  • You become aware & purposeful in the 'HOW' of getting your work done
  • You become a task completing ninja (or wizard whichever you prefer!)
  • You become more efficient and more effective in using your tools
  • Get more done, in less time!
  • Save multiple hours every week
  • Save thousands of clicks every week
  • Increase your value to your company

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