What is C.R.P Service?

Conflict Resolution & Prevention Professionals Service

Conflict Resolution & Prevention Professionals (C.R.P’s) use a simple 5 step approach. 

C.R.P’s help you to fully customize U.M.P software to your specific & unique situation.

Our 5 Simple Step Approach to Conflict Resolution & Prevention

  1. Make a list of Questions related to the needs/situation.
    “What are the questions we must answer to make an informed and maximal decision?”
  2. Set a Goal for the communication.
    What is the goal of this communication?, What are the things we seek agreement on?”
  3. Answer your list of Questions thoroughly, thoughtfully and creatively.
    This is an important step to collect data.
  4. In reviewing the data you collected, begin to respond to, filter, discuss, test, focus, and explain each of the answers to the questions. 
  5. Create and Compile a Formal & Verifiable Agreement in Theory, Approach & Action Steps

All these steps are made practical & easy using U.M.P Software.
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Our C.R.P Service includes...

During our Service Sessions with You …

  • We listen intently to understand your needs.
  • We help you to break down your situation into its simpler, more manageable and practical aspects.
  • We help you to set an attainable and collective goal.
  • We help you to customize our UMP software technology.
  • We help you to learn the tools of our platform and their purpose.
  • We suggest to you interesting and helpful ways of looking at your content.
  • We confront conflict head on using our holistic approach.
  • Our goal is to help transform peoples lives from conflict to agreement and peace.

Using U.M.P Technology, a safe space is created so every participant can:

  • Express their point of experience and give their best, most creative and practical ideas
  • Make formal and thoughtful statements & responses
  • Ask powerful and purposeful questions
  • Not be interrupted and not interrupt others
  • Be less affected by negative emotions
  • Add their statements into actionable, verifiable and practical agreements
  • Focus on One Thing at a Time
  • It is difficult to imagine a situation to where U.M.P cannot be applied.

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