U.M.P for Facilitators

The fastest & most effective way to be the BEST Facilitator you can possibly be

What are the Benefits of using U.M.P Technology in a Facilitator-Client Dynamic?

For You

  • U.M.P is a way of keeping track of what each client said so you can hold them accountable to it.
  • You help them to use this tool, so they always have a way to express their emotions or thoughts, no matter where they are. You are now always there with them in the U.M.P.
  • You can review what they answered and wrote together in session, or even before they arrive.
  • This will save you time by discussing only One Thing at a Time, instead of jumping from idea to emotion, from past to future during the session.
  • You both can now work with the data your client inputted, from an observer / detached position.
  • You also have the benefit of using single user mode, with yourself
    or using two-or-more mode with another person, or with a family / couple in your practice.

For Your Practice

  • It keeps you organized and on top of what both you and your client said in the last session, so you can construct the most perfect upcoming session for them.
  • It is on a USB stick, so your clients can answer the questions you gave them in the comfort of their own home.
  • You can assign them specific questions or idea to contemplate in the U.M.P as their homework.
  • They can take their time discussing their issues and answering questions in fullness, without the rush of time on their mind.
  • This can save you time, energy and even money by having this new tool that other facilitators do not yet have.
  • This tool will help your practice to thrive as you become the greatest, most efficient and effective facilitator you can be.

For Your Clients

  • U.M.P acts as the clients intake form.
  • They can answer some powerful and helpful questions of your choosing. 
  • Everything the client says is documented. Word for word, in their own words. 
  • Clients can brainstorm, state their case, answer questions, ask questions, make decisions, make agreements with themselves and you, and even learn things about themselves that they never saw before.
  • This helps both you and your client to focus on new aspects of their thinking and decision making patterns, instead of constantly talking about the problem itself.
  • Your clients no longer have to repeat themselves.
  • This an extra tool and added bonus your clients will receive by working with you.


For Early-Adopters Lifetime Support $1000

You will Receive:

U.M.P Software Platform for Windows, Mac OS 10, Linux
Custom Branding
Custom Template
Access to all training content. Including Manuals & Tutorials
Lifetime Upgrade & Improvements
Priority Email Support