The Time Saver's Toolbox

"Save time, while you work"

The Time Saver's Toolbox is a running application (window) which puts a variety of time-saving tools at your finger-tips.

  • Hit CTRL + ~ to make it appear.
  • Hide it whenever you don't need it.
  • Enable "Stay on Top" if needed.

Runs On:


The Tools


Current Tools

Clipboard Monitor

Let the clipboard manager help save you from repetitive steps, clicks & keystrokes.

Safe Box

Store sensitive & confidential information in a safe / encrypted space. Website passwords, credit card numbers, and any other data you may need frequently, but must keep private.

Color Palette

Select colors from a beautiful palette of colors selected by Google's Material Design project.

Time Functions

Need to know how much time is left ? or how much time has passed ? Count down or up & more.

Content Library

Content you re-use ... at your fingertips.

Text To Speech

Rest your eyes, sit back, listen and have things read to you out loud.

Browser Array

Don't bother with multiple tabs. Create an array of browsers in one window. Perfect for anyone who must monitor and refresh multiple sites.

Download Manager

Never search for your downloads again. Monitor your clipboard for download links. Automatically detect browser downloads.

Upcoming Tools

Research Tool

Search multiple resources at once.

Social Media Tool

Automate & streamline your social media experience. Schedule & post content to all networks.

Goal Setting / To Do List

Set goals & reach them with a beautiful and simple tools.

Chat Tool

Chat with the people on your private network.


Stay organized with simple & beautiful Notebooks.

Media Player & Recorder

Launch music & videos. Record audio / video

Web Services / API Access

Access many useful web services such as:

  • Google Translate
  • Google Speech Transcribe
  • Google Maps
  • Stock & Crypto Prices
  • Find & Download Images & Videos from Pixabay
  • Backup to Cloud Services like Dropbox, OneDrive, GDrive
  • & Many More
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