Hello and Welcome.

In whatever way you have found your way here, I’m glad you are here.

To tell you about myself is to tell you about what my life consists of, what I love, and the motivation which my mind follows.

First, my little family, my partner Britney and daughter Ella. Together we are the Glowleys. The name Glowley comes from combining our two last names (T. Glod & B. Shawley).

I consider myself the luckiest man in the world to spend my days with these two beings!  I love being Ella’s dad, and I love being a partner to my partner Britney, as we navigate destiny together.  The 3 of us make a great team.

Second, through the umbrella company MakeShyft R.D.A, I am able to help others to bring their services and creations to the market.  Over the years, I’ve made lots of logos, graphics, and built many websites.

Currently, my momentum and intention is taking me towards working predominantly in software development for the next several years.

I’ve also built Time Saver’s Toolbox brand, to share the things I find on my weekly research. I am also the author and maintainer of the Time Savers Toolbox productivity software for Windows & OS X.

Third …

In my heart of hearts I am a problem solver.  I am compelled to spend time contemplating humanity’s hardest problems, and dedicate my life to help solving them.

Among my core principles is that every problem has a solution that can be received if enough creative minds spend enough focus and energy on it.

I want to help to create the kind of world that reflects our underlying unity and our shared cosmic abundance.

It is my dream to see a world centered around caring for eachother and our planet.  A world working in supreme cooperation, having left competition behind, just as children leave behind their toys.

To that end there are 3 projects to which I will dedicate the next many years of my life here.

  • The (U)niversal (M)ediation (P)rogram
  • The FutureOS (codename)
  • The Center for The One

Contact me for any reason my email is tom (at) makeshyft.com