StartUp Spark Program

Everyday, everything in the world is profoundly changing.
Including the way the economy is structured.
We are moving from a world of large mega corporations,
to a world of sustainable micro-economies where everyone is an entrepreneur.


Do YOU or Someone You Know...

Have a Unique Idea...

To share with the world?

Have a Service or Skill...

That is helpful for people?

Have a product...

To give / offer?

... and you want to turn it into a Business,
but you need help to do it?


Startup ★ Spark

It Includes everything you need to bring your product / service to the market:

Every Founder Must Have these 5 Things:

Our Agreement Together

You are the Founder of your project.
Every decision is yours to make. 
We aim to help you to set your goal, prepare for it, and undertake the journey to reach it.
We will help you to accomplish some of the tasks on your ‘Founder’s To Do List’.

Our agreement includes non-disclosure clauses ensuring your work and ideas are protected by the copyright & intellectual property laws established in your country.  It protects us from undue expectations about the nature and purpose of the
Startup Spark Program

The results you achieve or do not achieve are beyond the scope of the program.

Your attributes as a founder, your commitment, determination, and the quality of your offering … will be what determines your results.

The program aims to help you to take some of the common, practical and predictable steps associated with most projects. 

Your focus can be on your product or service, while we care for the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Program?

There are 3 program lengths you can choose from.
Your choice depends on where you are in the process of developing and preparing your product / service. The steps and modules of the program remain very much the same, they simply occur over a longer period of time.



Choose this if your product / service is (nearly) ready to go.  We will help get your start-up ready in just 90 days.



Choose this if your product / service needs additional development time.  We will help get your start-up ready in 180 days.



Choose this if your product / service needs a year plus of development time  We will help get your start-up ready within 1 year.

Does the program include the development the actual product / service?

No it does not. In all cases, you are responsible for the idea and development of your product / service. We will help you to develop everything else you need to support you and your product / service as you deliver it to your target market.

Once built, what is the monthly cost of maintaining the Startup?

We set up your Startup as a “lean” one. Meaning, your overhead costs is minimal.

For example, your Technology Infrastructure costs $5 / month / person. Your phone service can give you unlimited extensions & voicemails for just $25 a month.

Our technology partners are the best in the business, and even their most basic packages are loaded with features and benefits.

The program also comes with 1 year of basic website hosting.

The cost of running your infrastructure can be very manageable to anyone.

What exactly will I have at the end of the Program?

At the end of the program, you will have gained these benefits & more:

What is the Cost of the Program?

Everyone's situation is unique ...
So it is important for us to offer
flexible payment terms to all our clients

The total cost of the program is $4500 CAD

It can be paid in full or in multiple installments

1/3 of it is due at the beginning of the Program

The remaining 2 / 3 is paid using a schedule
we set together at the beginning

At what stage should my Service / Product be to benefit from the program?

Ideally, you want to be ready to offer your product / service as soon as its development stage has been completed. We help you to take care of everything you need to go out to serve your market, on the day you are ready.

If you have a product / service almost ready, but have not yet prepared and organized the way through which you will deliver it, you are a perfect candidate for this program.

If you only have an idea and not yet started on your development, then it really depends. The program may support you in the development stage, but it will mostly help you to put enough thought into your startup so that you understand it, and can convey it to others perfectly. Thinking-things-through can be helpful, and we aim to help you with this skill. The program then, could still be of benefit to you.