Meet Our Founding Team

Britney Shawley

Founder, President of Service, Designer, C.R.P Pro

Britney inspires and educates others on being their Best Self & doing their Best Work. She is committed to bringing C.R.P Service & Technology to the People of the World. She listens & learns to know how to lead her team. In her "spare time" she cooks whole & healthy food, meditates, reads, builds websites, does yoga and loves to sing, dance and play with her 2 year old daughter Ella. Britney says Life can be beautiful, creative & joyful when we know what we are living For. She is dedicated to helping others to find Purpose, be Free from conflict and succeed in Life.

Tom Glod

Founder, Designer & Lead Developer, C.R.P Pro

Tom considers himself to have stumbled into asking some big questions. Is it possible to create new software tools to help people to find Peace ? To help maximize co-operation between people at both small and large scale?  Tom's skills and life passions and willingness to learn, are perfect compliments to undertaking the task of building these technologies.  Tom has years of experience in graphic design, web development and software development. Tom loves the people of the world, and loves Technology as a natural expression of creativity.

Our Service Team

Conflict Resolution & Prevention Professionals

Adrienne Henderson

With great attention to detail, compassionate listening and a deep understanding of conflict and its many remedies, Adrienne is a helpful & passionate C.R.P with a heart that can help many.

Rebecca Tomlinson

With a background in Natural Medicine and Psychotherapy, Rebecca helps others to realize the root cause of conflict and how to apply its many remedies. She is grounded, practical and meta-physical in her C.R.P approach.

Our Development Team

Open-Source Technology

Thanks to Open-Source, our company and products are built by the enormous contributions from thousands of geniuses across the world who work on these amazing technologies.  We are infinitely grateful to the open source movement and the people who contribute to it.  It is the only way our small team could aspire to build something all inclusive.  They are the true stars of our development team.

What we DO

World-Class Technology

Ask Big Questions

Enjoy Life


Celebrate Relationships

Our Best Work

Love Coffee

Hold Meetings on Walks

What we DON'T do

Take Short cuts


A Dress Code

Waste Time


Say No to Naps

Fake Food

Forget to Laugh

We are looking for team members who want to contribute to
making the world a better place through Service & Technology