Our Mission

Our Mission

We are a Service & Technology Company. We Love & Serve the people of the World.
We make computer software for Peace and Co-Operation.

Our Purpose

MakeShyft R.D.A has as its purpose the Research, Development and Application of new technologies and innovative tools to help humanity and its people.


These tools we research & create are intended to increase communication, inspire agreement, and help foster environments for creation and co-operation.

It is our goal to research everything we need in order to create these tools to be:



Every day, we work on developing these tools, to manifest their presence in the world. 

In doing this, our goal is to use:

& Technologies
… that everyone can understand and trust.

The purpose of our tools is limitless benefit for all, and for this reason, they are fundamentally free and open source.


As these tools become available, we aim to inspire their application in any and all circumstances where they can be helpful.

The service we provide is helping people and organizations throughout the world to successfully apply the tools we built to their use cases and particular needs.

The tools themselves belong to everyone. They can be used by anyone who needs them.

Our Vision

We envision a world that uses new technology to better communicate & co-operate.