U.M.P has 4 Distinct, True-To-Life Tools for Communication:





Additional Tools Include:





U.M.P workflow features include:

  • Brainstorm Mode
  • Slow down-and-relax
  • One-Thing-at-a-Time
  • Stay-On-Topic
  • Think-Things-Through

U.M.P User Interface is designed to be:

  • Gentle on your eyes
  • Neutral, Playful & Professional
  • Easy to Translate into every languages in the world

U.M.P can be used by:

  • Single Individual
  • Groups of 2 or more

U.M.P is …

  • Cross-Platform – runs on Windows, OS X & Linux
  • U.M.P Mobile Applications will run on Android & iOS
    Portable – runs Anywhere, Stores Anywhere. USB,Desktop,LAN
    Highly Compatible with shared Cloud based folders like Dropbox,OwnCloud,GoogleDrive, pCloud & others)
    Open-Source (and is made with state of the art Open-Source software)
    Public Cloud Service

U.M.P Canvas outputs to:

Series of PNG Files

A PDF File

Maximum size of 16,000 x 16,000 (memory limitations apply)

Optional Signature Boxes

Optional Verification Watermark

Upcoming Features Include:

  • Import User Directory from a List
  • Built in www / HTTP Content Feeds
  • Built in Audio/Video conferencing powered bi Jitsi *
  • Additional Built-In-Data-Verification