We are a Service & Technology Company

We Create Software Tools for Peace & Co-Operation

We Love & Serve the People of the World


3rd party professionalWe Provide you with personal service from a trained Conflict Resolution & Prevention Professional

Approach – We offer you our simple 5 holistic yet customizable approach to Conflict Resolution & Prevention

Optimize & Maximize – We help you to Optimize & Maximize the benefits of using our approach & communication platform. 

Brand – We brand our technology with your name & logo

Customized Technology – We can customize our technology for your requirements & preferences

File Hosting – We can host your U.M.P files on our cloud service secured by SSL & state of the art technology super-resilient distributed database technology

Custom Deployment – We can help you build your own U.M.P Deployment if you prefer to self-host

Educational Content – We create FREE Conflict Resolution & Prevention related Content

We apply a simple 5 Step Approach to
Conflict Resolution & Prevention.

Our Service is offered by our 
Conflict Resolution & Prevention Professionals.


Introducing …

Conflict Resolution & Prevention
Making Agreements
Restoring / Increasing Communication
Maximizing Group Decisions
Problem Solving
Collective Reasoning

U.M.P Runs on:

Windows | Mac OS X | Linux

Communication can be “hosted” on

U.M.P Cloud Service

USB Stick, Desktop Computer, Local Area Network,
Cloud Drives & Cloud Service

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