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People Services:

Start Up ★ Spark
90 Day Program

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"Nothing Is More Powerful Than an Idea Whose Time Has Come"

– Victor Hugo

Do you have an idea you want to bring into the world?

 Do you have a skill or service you want to offer to others?

Let us help you get started!

Conflict Resolution &
Prevention Service

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Our C.R.P Service consists of :

A 3rd party professionalWe Provide you with personal service from a trained Conflict Resolution & Prevention Professional

Approach – We offer you our simple 5 step holistic and customizable approach to Conflict Resolution & Prevention

Optimize & Maximize – We help you to Optimize & Maximize the benefits of using our approach & communication platform. 

Brand – We brand our technology with your name & logo

Customized Technology – We can customize our technology for your requirements & preferences

File Hosting – We can host your U.M.P files on our cloud service secured by SSL & state of the art technology super-resilient distributed database technology

Custom Deployment – We can help you build your own U.M.P Deployment if you prefer to self-host

Educational Content – We create FREE Conflict Resolution & Prevention related Content

We apply a simple 5 Step Approach to
Conflict Resolution & Prevention.

Our Service is offered by our 
Conflict Resolution & Prevention Professionals.

Technology Services:

Website & Branding

Starting a Business? Developing a Brand? Let us help ...

We can help any individuals and small business to create a beautiful and functional online presence and brand.  From logo design, to web site design, we can help you get started on your vision, or to grow the vision you already have.

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Custom Software & Automation

Lets build some software ...

If you have a great idea or a specific need, we can help you to build it.

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