We are a Service & Technology Company… 
and a Think-Tank for Transformative Ideas

We Create Services & Technologies
to enhance Communication & Co-Operation

We Love & Serve the People of the World

Our Services Pipeline:

Website & Branding Development

Starting a Business? Developing a Brand? Let us help ...

We can help any individuals and small business to create a beautiful and functional online presence and brand.  From logo design, to web site design, we can help you get started on your vision, or to grow the vision you already have.

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Custom Software Development

Lets build some software ...

If you have a great idea or a specific need, we can help you to build it.

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Conflict Resolution & Prevention Service

What is C.R.P Service? Click to Learn More

Our C.R.P Service consists of :

A 3rd party professionalWe Provide you with personal service from a trained Conflict Resolution & Prevention Professional

Approach – We offer you our simple 5 step holistic and customizable approach to Conflict Resolution & Prevention

Optimize & Maximize – We help you to Optimize & Maximize the benefits of using our approach & communication platform. 

Brand – We brand our technology with your name & logo

Customized Technology – We can customize our technology for your requirements & preferences

File Hosting – We can host your U.M.P files on our cloud service secured by SSL & state of the art technology super-resilient distributed database technology

Custom Deployment – We can help you build your own U.M.P Deployment if you prefer to self-host

Educational Content – We create FREE Conflict Resolution & Prevention related Content

We apply a simple 5 Step Approach to
Conflict Resolution & Prevention.

Our Service is offered by our 
Conflict Resolution & Prevention Professionals.

Our Technology Pipeline:

Introducing …


U.M.P Software Technology
helps in …


Conflict Resolution


Making Agreements


Restoring / Increasing Communication


Maximizing Group Decisions


Problem Solving

Collective Reasoning

Who is U.M.P for ?

U.M.P can be used in any situation where people are in need of resolving conflict and/or reaching an Agreement. In the beginning our focus will be on:



Future markets will include:




Version 1 Progress 90%

After several years and many thousands of developer hours, we are finally approaching a first stable release of the Universal Mediation Program.
 Cloud Service included. [Mobile Coming Soon]


Click here to see U.M.P's Features List

U.M.P has 4 Distinct, True-To-Life Tools for Communication:





Additional Tools Include:





U.M.P workflow features include:

  • Brainstorm Mode

  • Slow down-and-relax

  • One-Thing-at-a-Time

  • Stay-On-Topic

  • Think-Things-Through

U.M.P User Interface is designed to be:

  • Gentle on your eyes
  • Neutral, Playful & Professional
  • Easy to Translate into every languages in the world

U.M.P can be used by:

  • Single Individual
  • Groups of 2 or more

U.M.P is …

  • Cross-Platform – runs on Windows, OS X & Linux
  • U.M.P Mobile Applications will run on Android & iOS
  • Portable – runs Anywhere, Stores Anywhere. USB,Desktop,LAN
  • Highly Compatible with shared Cloud based folders like Dropbox,OwnCloud,GoogleDrive, pCloud & others)
  • Open-Source (and is made with state of the art Open-Source software)
  • Public Cloud Service

U.M.P Canvas outputs to:

  • Series of PNG Files

  • A PDF File

  • Maximum size of 16,000 x 16,000 (memory limitations apply)

  • Optional Signature Boxes

  • Optional Verification Watermark

Upcoming Features Include:

  • Import User Directory from a List
  • Built in www / HTTP Content Feeds
  • Blockchain Compatible powered by BigChain *
  • Built in Audio/Video conferencing powered bi Jitsi *
  • Additional Built-In-Data-Verification

Alpha version screenshots


U.M.P Runs on:

Windows | Mac OS X | Linux


Android | iOS

Communication can be “hosted” on

U.M.P Cloud Service

USB Stick, Desktop Computer, Local Area Network,
Cloud Drives & Cloud Service

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